• Let our experienced crew take you on worldwide charters on the charter boat of your choice.
  • Charters in the great location of your choosing. Worldwide, including: Mexico, Caribbean, South Pacific, Europe, Med, New Zealand, Hawaii... you pick!
  • Prices vary based on destination, number of people and cost of the charter boat.

  • Contact Holly to plan your big adventure!

Recent charter destinations include:

  • Thailand – 46' Catamaran
  • Pacific Northwest – 48' Power
  • Belgium – 52' Power
  • La Paz - 43' sail
  • Tahiti - 43' catamaran
  • Channel Islands - Cal 40, Mahalo
  • Catalina Island - Cal 40, Mahalo

Questions? Comments?

Join us on recon trips to update Charlie's Charts.

We have a lot of ground... er, sea to cover from Alaska through Canada, the US and Mexico, on to Costa Rica, Hawaii and Polynesia. While we incorporate updates we receive from many sources, we try to get out there and see for ourselves as often as possible. Now, you can come with us and participate in our fact finding missions!

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