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CHARLIE'S CHARTS North to Alaska (5th Ed.)
(Victoria, B.C. to Glacier Bay, Alaska)
CHARLIE'S CHARTS of the Western Coast of Mexico (including Baja)
12th Ed. Mexico A to Z
CHARLIE'S CHARTS of the US Pacific Coast (5th Ed.)
CHARLIE'S CHARTS Costa Rica (3rd Ed.)
CHARLIE'S CHARTS Hawaiian Islands (4th Ed.)
CHARLIE'S CHARTS Polynesia (6thEd.)

CHARLIE'S CHARTS North to Alaska (5th Ed.) (Victoria, B.C. to Glacier Bay, Alaska)

Addenda September, 2009

Although Esso no longer operates marine fuel docks on the B.C. coast all locations continue to be served by Petrocan and Chevron. The fuel dock in Quathiaski Cove sells only gasoline and propane.

  • P. 25 - Communication Ham Radio Add: During daylight savings time the Great Northern Boater's Net runs at 1500 UTC on 3.8870, and on 7.275. The 80 m net has a southern net control and is usually finished in a half hour. The 40 m net has a northern net control and runs a little later. The Alaska Bush Net, at 0500 UTC on 7.093 provides excellent support on the Alaskan coast.
  • P. 75 - Sidney Bay, on the west side of Loughborough Inlet, provides a worthwhile stop to visit H. Piddington, an artist of note, and his wife, Dana. They monitor VHF Ch. 9 and can be reached at (250) 949-1159. Art work, jams and seafood are available.
  • P. 87 - Big Bay: Liquor is available at SICA, the Stuart Is. Community Association marina.
  • P. 88 - Greene Point Rapids: Last para on page, delete the second last sentence: The government dock.
  • P. 94 - Port Harvey: Third para, delete line 1 and insert: Port Harvey Marine Resort started operating in the summer of 2009. Positive reports have been received about the good service and friendly operators (George and Gail Cambridge), who offer moorage, a bakery, restaurant and general store. For information phone (250) 902-9003 or email: cambridge@xplornet.com
  • P. 95 - Shawl Bay Marina has over 500 ft. of docks. On alternate Wednesdays from July 1 to Labor Day an excellent seafood chowder is available; Pot Luck is served on the other Wednesdays. For reservations email shawlbaymarina@gmail.com or call (250) 483-4169. Greenway Marina serves excellent Pizza and Jennis Bay Marina celebrates with Cajun nights. Windsong Sea Village no longer operates - delete it. Pierre's Bay Lodge and Marina has partnered with Echo Bay to become Pierre's at Echo Bay. For information or reservations for pig roasts and feature nights email: info@pierresbay.com.
  • P. 243 - Weather Forecasts: If you are unable to receive a forecast on a weather channel try to contact the nearest manned lighthouse (identified with a happy face) on VHF Ch 16. If the lighthouse keeper is not too busy he/she may relay weather reports to you.

CHARLIE'S CHARTS of the Western Coast of Mexico (including Baja)
12th Ed. Mexico A to Z

In Mexico Charlie's Charts are available from Vilma Habelloecker who has an office on the second floor of the Shopping Center in Paradise Village (Nuevo Vallarta) and another one between "I" and "J" dock in Marina Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta).

Addenda September, 2009
  • P. 32 - Marina Puerto Salina: Entrance is 32° 3.28' N, 116° 53.20' W. The new telephone nos. are (646) 1554106/1554186 and 1554187. Services offered include 220 / 110 power, 24-hour security, laundry, Immigration services, a new club house and free shuttle to Ensenada and the US border (29 miles to the north at Tijuana). For information email ynes.guevara@marinapuertosalina.com
  • P. 88 - Los Frailes: Para 7 - Add: It is reported that a restaurant serving good food and cold beer in a pleasant atmosphere is located about a 20-minute walk from the beach landing. A sign on the road advertising "Restaurant 800 meters," is followed by one at a turn-off reading "Restaurant 600 meters."
  • P. 90 - Ensenada de Los Muertos: Para 3 - In an attempt to make the area more attractive the local name has been changed to Los Suenos (Dreams).

    Para 5 - Para 5, line 4 - The Giggling Marin is under new ownership and the name is now El Cardon. There is a dinghy dock for cruisers and the atmosphere is cruiser friendly. A luxury resort on the opposite side of the beach welcomes cruisers with good food, luxurious pools and a train display that is well worth visiting.
  • P. 162 - San Blas and Mantanchen Bay: Para 3 - Marina San Blas: Delete the first sentence and insert: It has been reported that marina facilities are in a deplorable condition. Apparently it is preferable to anchor in the bay until maintenance is resumed at the marina. Bugs are prolific
  • P. 216 - Acapulco: Para 3, delete the fifth sentence and insert: When anchored, a daily fee of US$35 is charged for use of the dinghy dock and access to the pool. The charge for use of a mooring buoy is US$94 per day.

    Para 4, add, The docks at La Marina de Acapulco were destroyed during a hurricane. In May, 2009 new docks were installed and the marina expects to be operating by the fall

CHARLIE'S CHARTS - Costa Rica (3rd Ed.)

  • P. 28 – Bahia de Culebra (Papagayo):Add after second para – Marina Papagayo is a full service, luxury marina located in the northwest corner of the bay at 10° 38’14.69”N, 85° 39’16.995”W. The marina has 180 slips and can accommodate vessels up to 67m (220 ft.)

    The marina hosts an annual fishing tournament known as “Fishing Frenzy” in the month of June.
  • P. 30 – El Coco:Add – A lit cell phone tower on the hills provides an additional landmark.
  • P. 44 – Bahia Ballena:Para 3 – Add: Good meals are available at the Beachcomber Restaurant. A lit cell phone tower provides an additional landmark in the bay.
  • P. 62 – Bahia Herradura:Para 3 – Add after last sentence: Reasonably priced fuel is available at Los Suenos Marina. Avoid approaching the fuel dock when numerous sports fishermen are taking on fuel. It is best to call the fuel dock on VHF Ch. 16 ahead of time. A great deli is on the premises.
  • P. 76 – Bahia Rincon:Para 2 – Add: The GPS for Casa Orchedia is 8°39.453’North, 83°16.012’West. Ron and Trudy have guided tours Thursday and Sunday, admission is US$8 or equivalent colones. For information call (CR CC) 8829 1247.
  • P. 78 – Golfito:Para 2, Add : A radio tower on top of a small mountain north of Port Captain’s office provides an additional aid to identify the entrance at night.
    Para 3, fifth sentence – Delete “Oficinas Departmento De Desarrollo” and insert “Deposito Libre Comercial de Golfito” and the limit is $500 semi-annually – Jan. – June and July-Dec.
  • P. 80 – Golfito:Para 3, Add after second sentence – To avoid theft of dinghies and outboards all possible measures must be taken to secure them, especially at night. Banana Bay Marina and Samoa del Sur Marina have night watchmen on the docks.
    Para 3, add - Buenas Dias is a great new restaurant on main street across from the gas station, about .5 miles northwest of Banana Bay Marina. It has been reported that it serves very good local fare at reasonable prices.

CHARLIE'S CHARTS - Hawaiian Islands (4th Ed.)

  • P. 13 – Entry Procedures:Para 4, delete the first two sentences and insert: All persons entering the US must have a valid passport. All non (US) citizens are considered aliens and must also have a visa except for Canadians.

    Para 4, Line 4 should read “US Consulates do not issue visas.”

    Para 5, Line 3 - 4 should read “valid for 12 months.

    Para 5, delete the last complete sentence, “The Skipper is.........at certain major ports.”

    Insert: “The skipper must notify the office of Homeland Security by telephone of any movement of the vessel, even in the same port or marina. Heavy fines are levied for disregarding this regulation.”

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