Cruiser's Meat Line


OVERVIEW: This is a simple way to catch fish for dinner!

There won't be any bragging about how you caught a 75 lb. fish on 3 lb. test and it took 64 hours. But you will haul in some good sized fish that will fill your BBQ, plates and freezer. This is my friend Bob, holding a biggie from the Sea of Cortez...See? They really work! Everything you need is included, pre-assembled and ready to go: a cedar plug lure, leader, lots of line, a bungee to take up the slack when the fish hit, and a plastic winder to store the line when not in use.

Just tie the bitter end to a stern cleat, say the magic words, and throw the whole thing overboard. Keep an eye on the meat line and you will see when you catch a fish. What could be easier?

Capt. Holly gave up fishing rods a very long time ago and she sticks to meat lines - on open ocean passages as well as coastal cruises. Same with Bob, the fish-catcher and photo model.

Buon appetito!

Wanna' see how it works? We'll show you here!

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