Cruiser's Siphon


OVERVIEW: This is kind of a crazy thing to sell, but once you use one of these things, you won't be able to live without one - or two - or three!

After you leave the world of fuel docks and water hoses, things like this really become important. You have probably tried to start a siphon by sucking on a hose and understand the downsides of a mouth full of gas or diesel. Yuck, eeeww and a disease to boot!

These little things earn their salt on the first use. Just stick the business end in the source of water/fuel and shake it a few times…Viola! The siphon is started and the juices are flowing.

I use them for diesel, water and gas so I have one for each. A sharpie will cut down on confusion - label each one.

Ok . . . I can't resist - they really suck!

So, how do these things work, you ask? We'll show you here!

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