Boye Rigging Knife

  • ISBN: Boye Rigging Knife


OVERVIEW: We are honored to offer our favorite rigging knives, made in Arizona by David Boye. They were just rated the best knife in a test done by Sailing Magazine as well as Practical Sailor and others.

Captain Holly carries one of these on a lanyard with a snap hook, in her pocket every time she steps on a boat.

"I was in a race many years ago, when everything hit the fan and we needed to cut a jammed halyard. Watching the process of hunting down a knife from the galley and sawing through the line was painful and took forever. Now, there will always be the sharpest, best cutting knife available in my pocket. Don't mess around with a crummy knife; it might have to save your life someday."

These knives hold their edge, are lightweight, have a locking blade, marlinespike, pocket clip and a lanyard loop. They are made by a real craftsman and are a joy to use.

Simply the best there is.

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