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The best way to learn to sail is on a boat, not in a classroom.

The best time to learn to sail is as a little kid. Oops! Too late for that? No worries! If a 5 year old can learn, it can't be very hard, right?

My gripe with traditional sailing schools for adults is that they make it seem so complicated. I get it - they need to have standards and stick to them. But they also need to make a bunch of money to keep things going, so the more they can make you feel like you need another class, the more $$$ for them! And the truth of the matter is that, like driving a car, some folks are really good at it, and some aren't. I can teach you to sail, but your final results are up to you. After sailing for 55+ years, I learn a little more every day on the water, and you will too.

If you have ever taken a sailing class and didn't get it, or have a fear of trying something new, or you feel like a dork with physical activities, don't worry. I will get you sailing on the first day, and then explain how and why it works after you have had some fun on the water. Then, we will keep adding bits and pieces here and there until you have the ability to understand what makes it all work, and then be able to continue to learn every time you are out there. Before long, you will be able to teach yourself. Well, actually your boat and the ocean will teach you, if you understand how to learn and listen.

I can teach you on your boat, my boat, a charter boat or a little dinghy. Let's talk and put together the right plan for you. And yes, kids too.

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